Welcome to Ashen Sea

Ashen Sea is a text-based online collaborative roleplaying game set in a harsh and arid world suffering the aftermath of a magical apocalypse. Ashen Sea is a game where a group of players and staff are telling a cooperative story about survival, exploration, conflict, and failure in a Dark Sun-inspired setting.  

Ashen Sea is currently under development – please join our Discord to chat to the developers and keep us with the news.

In Ashen Sea, you will control a character that is trying to survive and thrive. Your character will start the game in a humble position, but with time, skill and luck they can grow to be:

  • a legendary warrior able to defeat all manner of ferocious beasts for fame and fortune
  • an expert ranger who can navigate the deadly sandstorms and perilous wilderness
  • a cunning merchant who dominates a city-state through influence and wealth
  • a powerful magician that can shape the world by bending nature to their will

Or, you could find your own path in the game and play a unique character in the world of Ainkarra, the setting of Ashen Sea.

Ashen Sea is a roleplay enforced game. As a player, your character is required to behave in an in-character fashion when playing the game. It is your character, not you the player, that is wandering the dangerous wilderness or the sinister cities of Ashen Sea. Your character doesn’t know anything about the Real World – they only know the world of Ashen Sea, and are required to act the way someone born and raised in that world would.

Players are allowed to each play one character at a time in Ashen Sea, and the death of that character is usually permanent. Your character will almost certainly die eventually – but you will hopefully experience adventure, achievement and action with them before their demise.

Ashen Sea is an online multiplayer game. You play this game with other players and the staff, and you are expected to do so in a cooperative fashion. Your character may love, hate or even kill other characters – and that is great! But, you will find Ashen Sea much more enjoyable if you respect the other players and staff of the game in telling your character’s story.

The role of Ashen Sea’s staff is to create an interesting setting, a dangerous environment, and a set of game rules for characters to interact with and respond to. The staff also create stories that involve the players’ characters as the protagonists and antagonists.

If you’re interested in playing Ashen Sea, you’ll need to wait a bit longer as we’re still making the game! For now, join our Discord to keep up with news about the game.

You can learn more about the Setting, Mechanics and Rules of Ashen Sea by clicking each of those links.